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Reflections Chair

 Trinette Rawlins 


 Download the Reflections Program Job Description 



  • Become familiar with the materials on the California State PTA website at, the National PTA website at and the Reflections Packet sent to presidents in the service mailing.
  • Develop a Reflections Program planning calendar using council and district PTA due dates; identify key steps to meet the calendar due dates. (Note that this program runs early in the school year for local units; therefore athletic events may need to be taken into consideration when planning the calendar.)
  • Submit a Reflections Program budget to the budget committee for approval.
  • Explain the Reflections Program to the principal and school staff; encourage their support and participation. Inform parents and community members. Share information about the Reflections Program at a PTA meeting, share examples of last year’s entries and have current entry forms and rules available for distribution.
  • Publicize the Reflections Program, theme and due dates in the school or PTA newsletter. The local newspaper or cable TV station also could be contacted for publicity.
  • Select impartial, qualified judges. Inform judges of the criteria to be used in evaluating/judging Reflections Program entries. (Refer to the rules for each art category.) Remember to accept the judges’ selections of winning entries.

Offer sample judging rubric:

Interpretation of Theme:  5 points
Artistic Merit/Creativity:  3 points
Mastery of Medium:  2 points

IMPORTANT: Do not show student information (name, address, etc.) on entries displayed for judging.

  • Follow guidelines from council and district PTA regarding the number of entries that may be submitted. Adhere to council and district PTA due dates!
  • Make certain each entry meets all judging criteria with regard to size, mounting, etc.
  • Be sure the Official Entry Form (Reflections Program Packet, Service Mailing; is completely filled out, signed by both student and parent, and attached securely to each entry, according to the National PTA rules.
  • Complete and send Participation Form A (Reflections Program Packet, Service Mailing; with entries, according to National PTA rules.
  • Keep a copy of all Official Entry Forms and Participation Form A.
  • Keep a copy of all CDs and DVDs.
  • After the program, give each participant a certificate of participation.
  • Return entries to students whose work was not selected for the next level of judging.
  • Update the Reflections Program procedure book.
  • Announce the new Reflections Program theme as soon as it is available. The theme is announced at the annual California State PTA convention.
  • Publicize any awards given to local students at other levels of judging.