Reflections Awards Night Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Third District PTA

Reflections Awards Night
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Folsom Community Center

52 Natoma Street in Folsom

All Art Work on display from 6:30-7 p.m.

Awards Ceremony 7-8 p.m.

We hope you’ll join us for this dazzling display of artwork from the amazing

students in Third District PTA’s area.

All artists will be honored with certificates at a minimum

Award Night Flyer


Reflections 2018-19 Program


Reflections Letter


Below is a template that you may modify, cut, paste and send to your Council or Unit chairmen.

Dear Reflections Chairmen,

This year’s theme is “Heroes Around Me” and now is the time for students to create their entry(s).

* Start by putting an announcement in your student bulletin.

* Print out the promotional poster, found on the website under Resources - Reflections, and post them around your school.

* Poster placement - Target areas where parents might see the posters - Valet area, common pick up and drop off areas, where parents hang out before and after school.  Additional tip is to hang a plastic sheet protector right next to the poster.  Put some entry packets in the sheet protector for parents and students to take with them.

* A Student Entry Packet, which includes an entry form and all of the rules may also be found on the website.   
Top section of the entry form is the school information.
Hint - Fill out the school info section out BEFORE you make copies.  (FYI PTA Leader name is the Unit/School Reflections chairman's name.)
Print up a few copies for each classroom or put copies in the school office, library, art room or computer lab.

*  Leave the "Region PTA" line on the top of the entry form blank.

*The PTA ID number on the top of the entry form is your National PTA number.  This number can be found on the front page of your PTA by-laws.

*  Make sure to complete the Member dues paid, Insurance paid and bylaws approval date on the top of the entry form.

* Request to speak at a staff meeting and ask teachers to promote the Reflections program.

*  Have a Reflections Kick Off at a school assembly.

*  Provide students with a Reflections workshop, either during lunch or after school.  Provide paper, crayons, colored pencils, writing paper.  Ask them "What does 'Heroes Around Me' mean to you?".  Allow them to create a drawing or writing to the theme.  Attach an entry form to their work and send it home for them to fill out with their parents and bring back.

*  Find your judges now.  If there are schools nearby who are also doing the Reflections program, consider sharing judges.  Each school's entries will be judged separately, but the judge can be the same for multiple schools.


*  Check your entries. 

  • Is all of your school information completed? 
  • Is all of the student information completed? 
  • Is the entry signed by both student AND parent? 
  • Check that the Division checked corresponds to the      correct grade listed on the entry form.
  • Check that an Arts category has been selected. 
  • Is there a Title?
  • Is there an Artist Statement?  (Must be 10 to      100 words describing the work and how it relates to the theme.)

*  Get your Party On!  Celebrate participation!  Art is subjective and not everyone wins, but anyone who participates is a winner!  Provide certificates, ribbons, trophies - depends on your budget.  This program can be done for $100!  

*  Prepare your Award of Excellence (1st place winners) for the next level of judging.  Only one entry per category, per division.  

*  Submit the entries moving to the next level TIMELY.  Contact your Council or District Reflections chairman to confirm the date, time and location of where the entries need to be delivered.

Please make sure that your Council or District Reflections chairman has your current contact information - email, cell phone, home phone (do people still have these??).  You want them to be able to contact you if there are any questions about any of your entries, and to be able to provide you with the most up to date Reflections information.

Additional Reflections resources may be found on the website for Reflections, including a color theme logo that you can use in your promotion campaign and graphics for the six categories and a new Star icon for the Special Artist division.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

(YOUR DISTRICT NUMBER HERE) District PTA Reflections Chairman

Reflections Awards Ceremony March 2018