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Third District PTA Proposed Bylaws Overview

July 3, 2019

This overview of the district bylaws is provided here for your better understanding of what they include.

ARTICLE IV – Membership and Dues

Section 1. Third District covers the counties of: Colusa, El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba.

Third District PTA no longer has any councils; Folsom-Cordova Council and Sacramento Council of PTAs have disbanded as of June 30. Every unit within Third District is now an out of council unit.

The National PTA proposed dues increase was defeated at the National PTA Convention on June 20. National dues will not increase this year.

Section 6. Each out of council association shall forward to the District per capita dues of $5.00 annually from each member’s dues.

$2.25 payable to National PTA;

$2.00 payable to California State PTA;

$.75 payable to Third District PTA.

ARTICLE VII – Officers and Their Election

Section 2. The officers of this District shall be a president, five vice presidents, secretary, treasurer, financial secretary, auditor, historian and parliamentarian.

Section 8. Election shall be held by ballot at the biennial election meeting in the odd-numbered years at the District annual meeting in January.

Section 11. Officers shall assume their duties on July 1.

ARTICLE IX – District Association Meetings

Section 7.b. Twenty (20) voting members representing seven (7) associations shall constitute a quorum.

ARTICLE X – District Board

Section 6.b. Seven (7) members shall constitute a quorum

ARTICLE XI – District Annual Meeting

Section 1. Annual meeting of the District is in January.

Section 3.b. Twenty (20) delegates representing seven (7) local associations shall constitute a quorum. 

Section 5. representation at the District annual meeting shall be based on the membership report of the treasurer as of December 15.


5. c. The first vice president shall serve as Director of Leadership Services

5.d. The second vice president shall serve as Director of Communications and Legislation

5.e. The third vice president shall serve as Director of Family Engagement and Membership

5.f. The fourth vice president shall serve as Director of Health and Community Concerns

5.g. The fifth vice president shall serve as Director of Programs and Event Logistics

Section 7. District association meetings shall be held in the months of September, January and May.

The only changes that have been made to the proposed bylaws are:

Article X – Section 6.b. The executive board quorum has changed from 11 to 7. 

Article XI – Section 5. Representation at the District annual meeting shall be based on the membership report of the treasurer as of December 15.





California State PTA delegates worked with leaders from other states at the National PTA Convention in Columbus, Ohio and the delegation voted not to increase the National PTA dues.

More than 100 PTA leaders from across the state representing almost 3,500 local PTAs and 750,000 members in California explained the impact a dues increase would have on our local PTAs.

“While we truly believe in the value and mission of PTA, we heard from our members that a proposed $1.50 dues increase was not acceptable to ensuring the sustainability of our local PTAs. We call on National PTA to analyze their operating budget, as we have done at California State PTA, before proposing a dues increase that falls on the backs of our local members and families,” said California State PTA President Dianna MacDonald.

Questions? Contact California State PTA Executive Director Sherry Skelly Griffith at sgriffith@capta.org.




If you have any questions, please contact me at dp3@capta.org or call 916-833-1218 right away. If you’re aware that your PTA has delinquent taxes, please contact me right away so we can help you.

If you have questions or are aware of any RRF-1 delinquencies, please contact me as soon as possible.

If your PTA is in a council, please follow your council’s deadline and remittance procedures.

Lastly, remember to mail or email copies of your tax filings, or extension request, and RRF-1(s) to the Third District PTA office.

Thanks and remember to contact me with any questions!