Membership Family Engagement


Membership Family Engagement

 Peggy Parker 



Job Description for Membership Chairman

Download the Membership Chairman Job Description

The PTA membership chairman/vice president works with the membership committee to plan the annual membership campaign. The membership chairman/vice president is responsible for creating and implementing a membership plan, promoting membership throughout the year, collecting dues, and distributing membership cards.

Obtain (from predecessor and unit president) and study the procedure book and other materials related to performing the duties of membership chairman/vice president:

  • Membership campaign plans from      past years, including goals, themes, calendars, budgets, final membership      numbers, etc.

Download or obtain the Membership section of the California State PTAToolkit to learn the basics of PTA membership, responsibilities, campaign planning and available resources.

Contact council or district PTA for current membership information, due dates, incentives and awards offered.

  • Attend PTA training designed      for membership chairmen/vice presidents.

Meet with the membership committee, appointed by the president-elect, before the beginning of the school year. Work closely with the school principal, the unit president and the membership committee members.

  • Suggested committee members      could include: principal, treasurer, teacher, hospitality chairman, public      relations/publicity coordinator, room representative coordinator and      students (essential in a secondary PTA).

Developing a Membership Plan

With the membership committee:

  • Set attainable membership goals      for the year.
  • Develop a membership theme, if      appropriate.
  • Create a year-long calendar of      membership events. Include due dates set by council and district PTAs for      remittances, and for awards and incentive.
  • Develop a budget to support      your membership plan projects and events.

A successful membership plan will:

  • Attract new members and retains      previous members;
  • Include a student, teachers and      staff involvement element in the campaign.

Resources are provided to support a successful membership campaign.

  • Membership envelopes are      available for collection of membership dues. Contact the council or      district PTA to order envelopes for a nominal cost.
  • Membership cards are also      available to you through your council or district PTA. There is no charge      for membership cards. Develop a plan to ensure that each member of your      PTA receives a membership card.

Present the membership plan to the executive board for approval.

Implementing the Membership Plan

  • Announce the membership plan      and theme.
  • With permission from your      principal, include membership information in the first day packet or at      school registrations.
  • Create a membership kick-off      plan which could include an invitation to join letter, outlining the      accomplishment and benefits of PTA. Letters, with membership envelopes,      can be sent home with students. Translate invitations as needed.  The      membership kick-off plan could also include a special kick-off event.
  • Encourage the return of all      envelopes, full or empty, by recognizing all students for their efforts.
  • Use a membership theme to      create visually enticing invitations to join PTA. Promote the theme      through events and incentives.
  • Distribute special invitations      for all teachers and staff.
  • Promote PTA membership through      social media sites, email invitations, texts, etc.
  • Regularly promote membership in      your PTA or school newsletter and website.
  • Set up a PTA membership table      at school and community events.
  • Create a welcome packet for new      families who come to your school during the year.  Include an      invitation to join and a calendar of PTA events.
  • Invite past PTA leaders, past      administrators and teachers, past school staff members, past Honorary      Service recipients, community leaders, local businesses, elected      officials, librarians, crossing guards, after school program      providers—INVITE EVERYONE TO JOIN PTA!
  • Report membership progress at      all PTA meetings

Collecting Membership Dues

Determine your PTA dues amount; it is listed in your local unit PTA bylaws. See Membership Dues, California State PTA Toolkit.

Dues collection:

  • Work with your school principal      to establish the best process for collection of membership dues envelopes      without taking away from valuable classroom time.
  • Collect membership envelopes      promptly. PTA leaders are responsible for membership dues, not school      staff.
  • Members should fill out their      name and contact information on the membership envelope for PTA use.
  • Use PTA financial procedures      for counting and depositing money. Assign at least two people to open      membership envelopes and count membership dues; one should be a financial      officer.
  • Ensure that per capita is      forwarded though PTA channels regularly—at least monthly.
  • Retain membership envelopes for      one year.

Distributing Membership Cards

  • Membership cards can be      obtained from the council or district PTA. Request additional membership      cards as needed.
  • Fill in the membership cards      using an available template and your computer printer. PTA EZ™ and Just      Between Friends also have online membership templates. Membership cards      can also be completed by hand.
  • Every member should receive a      membership card.  Remember: one dues payment=one membership card=one      association vote.

Ongoing Responsibilities

  • Give a regular membership      report to your PTA.
  • Maintain a list of members,      updating as new members are enrolled. Provide copies to the unit president      and secretary.
  • Promote current member benefits      to give added value to PTA membership.
  • Make      an effort to qualify and/or apply for available membership awards to      recognize and honor your PTA for membership efforts.