CAPTA Health bills

Positions 2018 Report

  • Support 

 AB 254 (Thurmond D)   Local Educational Agency Behavioral Health Integration Pilot Program. Dead Failed to meet deadlines

AB 1766 (Maienschein R)   Swimming pools: public safety. Places AED device at public and school swimming pools Chaptered

 AB 1992 (Chu D)   CalWORKs eligibility: immunizations. Extended continuation of CalWorks benefits while childhood immunizations get caught up Vetoed Governor states this should be considered as part of the budget process when all funding commitments are considered and prioritized. 

AB 2009 (Maienschein R)   Interscholastic athletic programs: school districts: written emergency action plans: automated external defibrillator. Chaptered

AB 2022 (Chu D)   Pupil mental health services: school notification. Notifies families and students of available mental health care services. Chaptered

 AB 2122  (Reyes D)   Medi-Cal: blood lead screening tests. Vetoed Governor believes this would be better done by Department of Public Health

AB 2370 (Holden D)   Lead exposure: child day care facilities: family day care homes. Testing lead levels in water in child day care facilities Chaptered

AB 2639 (Berman D)   Pupil suicide prevention policies: reviews: updates. Review suicide prevention policies, grades 7 – 12, at least every 5 years Chaptered

AB 2691 (Jones-Sawyer D)   Pupil health: pupil and school staff trauma: Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative.  Would establish a department within CDE to address adverse childhood experiences Vetoed Governor states there are already many programs that address these issues, it is too filled with jargon and would be better administrated in local school districts

 AB 3043 (Berman D)   Pupil nutrition: breakfast and lunch programs. Universal breakfast Chaptered

AB 3067  (Chau D)   Internet: marketing: minors: cannabis. No marketing to minors Chaptered

SB 275 (Portantino D)   Alcohol and drug treatment: youth. Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults Substance Use Disorder Treatment Act. Vetoed  Governor states Not every problem with Medi-Cal needs or deserves a public stakeholder process.

 SB 972 (Portantino D)   Pupil and student health: identification cards: suicide prevention hotline telephone numbers. Hotline numbers on high school and college ID cards Chaptered

SB 1004 (Wiener D)   Mental Health Services Act: prevention and early intervention. Establishes monitoring and implementation protocols, evaluation of effectiveness Chaptered

SB 1041 (Leyva D)   Childhood lead poisoning prevention. Reporting of number of children tested for lead levels by county, especially MediCal recipients Chaptered

SB 1097 (Hueso D)   Lead poisoning. Post lead testing results on websites and information on testing to parents Chaptered

 SB 1203 (Bates R)   School safety: lockdown training. Dead Failed deadlines

  • Opposed

AB 2668 (Allen, Travis R)   Pupil immunizations: pupils not immunized. removed requirements immunizations for school attendance in private schools, initiated a grant program to fund tuition of students using this option Dead failed deadlines


SB 1127 (Hill D)   Pupil health: administration of medicinal cannabis: schoolsites. Allowed non smokeable medical cannabis to be administrated on school grounds Vetoed governor states bill too broad, needs more research and has concerns of the use of marijuana by youth

Other Supported Bills With failed Deadlines prior to June 2018

AB 2390 (Harper R) Pupil safety: identification cards: suicide prevention telephone numbers. See SB 972

AB 2686 (Jones-Sawyer D) Early identification of pupil mental health issues: in-service training for certificated employees and classified staff.

AB 2741 (Burke D) Opioid use: limits for minors 


California State PTA Sponsors AB 2878 to Strengthen Family E

Legislative Hearing -Special Education 2/28/18