Financial Secretary


Financial Secretary

 Barbara Larsson 



Job Description for Financial Secretary

Download the Financial Secretary Job Description

Key Role – Financial Secretary

  • Works closely with the      treasurer and other financial officers in handling PTA funds
  • Keeps a record of all PTA funds      collected, deposited and disbursed
  • Prepares monthly and annual      financial reports

Getting Started

Preparation – To know more about your new position, review files and materials from last term that should include:

  • Standardized ledger
  • Receipt book
  • Remittance forms to transfer      money to council and district treasurers
  • Check endorsement stamp, if      available
  • Monthly and Annual Financial      Reports

It’s also worthwhile to talk to your predecessor to get advice and tips about your new role.

Schedule Meeting – Meet with the treasurer and auditor to discuss how you can work effectively together. Check your unit bylaws to see who does what in handling PTA funds.

How Tos

As an elected officer, your main duties are to receive, record, deposit and report on monies collected by your unit. Here are some quick tips to get started:

Receiving Funds:

  • Follow PTA financial procedures      in handling funds
  • Use Cash Verification Form,      in California      State PTA Toolkit, when counting funds
  • Check amounts for accuracy and      issue a numbered receipt for each financial transaction

Recording Funds:

  • Record receipts in the ledger      noting date of receipt, number of receipt issued, amount, from whom      received and for what account (e.g. membership, fundraising)
  • Note any refunds or      disbursements and prepare authorizations for payment. Or, if this is the      secretary’s job, provide him or her with the information needed to prepare      them.
  • Give the treasurer itemized      bills, sales slips and invoices for payment by check

Depositing Funds:

  • Ensure that money and checks      are deposited immediately in a PTA account
  • Give a duplicate deposit slip      and remittance form that accounts for all money received to the treasurer.      Or, if the treasurer handles deposits, give the funds collected to him or      her for deposit and receive a numbered, dated receipt for your records.

Reporting Funds:

  • Prepare monthly and annual      financial reports of monies received, deposits made and authorizations for      payment issued to give to the president, secretary and other financial      officers
  • Submit all records for audit      semi-annually, when a financial officer is replaced and whenever an audit      is deemed necessary

Did you know? … PTA Board Members:

  • Adhere to PTA financial      procedures as outlined in bylaws and State and National PTA guidelines
  • Protect members’ privacy by      utilizing member information for PTA work only
  • Attend PTA sponsored workshops      or trainings
  • Maintain a current procedure      book and files to pass on to a successor
  • Work together as a team to      improve the lives of all children and their families

Other Useful Information


California State PTA –

  • California      State PTA Toolkit, Finance
  • Running      Your PTA Made Easy
  • Insurance      and Loss Prevention Guide –      Mailed annually to PTA presidents

Online Services:

  • Tax Filing Support Center – To      help units meet Federal and State reporting requirements
  • PTAEZ – To handle PTA      accounting needs and generate financial reports