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Third District PTA


Sheryl Longsworth

2017-19 Third District PTA President

Office: 916-228-2543

Fax: 916-228-2720

Cell: 916-833-1218


Email Us at:  dp3@capta.org

3rd District PTA Board 2017-2019

Nominating Slate for 3rd District PTA Board 2019-2021


President – Otis Cross

1st VP Director of Leadership Services – Sue Dean

2nd VP Director of Communications and Legislation – Ana Lowe

3rd VP Director of Family Engagement and Membership – Peggy Parker

4th VP Director of Community Concerns and Health – Roz Myers

5th VP Director of Programs and Event Logistics - Open

Secretary – Ann Gilbert

Treasurer – Sheryl Longsworth

Financial Secretary – Barbara Larsson

Strategies for Filling Boards 

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Send All MAIL to:

P O Box 269003, Sacramento, CA 95826

3rd District PTA Email:


Physical Address:

3735 Bradview Dr., Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95827

Office (916) 228 - 2543 Fax (916) 228-2720


Office Hours 

Monday : 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Wednesday: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Tuesday & Friday: Closed

Call office before visiting, to confirm office will be open.

Office visits outside of our normal operating hours possible by prearranged appointments only.

PTA Units (Associations) in the 3rd District

  • Unit Name

1 Albert Einstein Middle School PTSA

2 Albert Schweitzer Elementary PTA

3 Andrew Carnegie Middle School PTSA

4 Antelope Meadows Elementary PTA

5 Arden Middle School PTA

6 Arnold Adreani Elementary PTA

7 Babcock Elementary PTA

8 Bannon Creek Elementary PTA

9 Barrett Middle School PTA

10 Barrett Ranch Elementary PTA

11 Bates Elementary School PTA

12 Beamer Elementary PTA

13 Bella Vista High School PTSA

14 Bijou PTA

15 Birch Lane Elementary PTA

16 Blue Oak Parent Teacher Association

17 Bret Harte Elementary Bears PTA

18 Browns Valley Elementary PTA

19 C.K. McClatchy High PTSA

20 California Middle PTSA

21 Carl Sundahl Elementary PTA

22 Carriage Elementary PTA

23 Carroll Elementary PTA

24 Casa Roble Fundamental High School PTSA

25 Chacon Language and Science Academy PTA

26 Chicago Park PTA

27 Cordova Gardens Elementary PTA

28 Cordova High School PTSA

29 Cordova Meadows Elementary PTA

30 Cosumnes River Elementary School PTA

31 Cottage Elementary PTA

32 Coyle Avenue School PTA

33 Coyote Ridge Elementary PTA

34 Creekview Ranch School PTA

35 Davis Senior High School PTA

36 Del Campo High School PTA

37 Del Paso Manor Elementary PTA

38 Dingle Elementary School PTA

39 Douglass Middle School PTA

40 Dudley Elementary PTA

41 Earl LeGette Elementary School PTA

42 Edna Batey Elementary School PTA

43 El Camino Fundamental High Parent Teacher Student Association, Inc.

44 Elitha Donner Elementary PTA

45 Elk Grove Elementary PTA

46 Elkhorn Village PTSA

47 Elverta Alpha PTA

48 Empire Oaks Elementary School PTA

49 Ethel Phillips PTA

50 Fairfield Elementary School PTA

51 Folsom High PTSA

52 Folsom Hills Elementary PTA

53 Franklin Elementary PTA

54 Frontier Elementary PTA

55 Gallardo PTA

56 Genevieve Didion PTA

57 Georgetown School PTA

58 Gibson School PTA

59 Gold Ridge PTA

60 Grand Oaks Elementary PTA

61 Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary PTA

62 H. Allen Hight PTA

63 Helen Carr Castello PTA

64 Heritage Oak Elementary PTA

65 Heron PTSA

66 Hillsdale School PTA

67 Hubert Bancroft Elementary PTA

68 Inderkum PTSA

69 Isleton Elementary PTA

70 Jefferson Elementary PTA

71 John Cabrillo Elementary PTA

72 Lake Canyon Elementary PTA

73 Lake Tahoe Environmental Science Magnet PTA

74 Leroy Greene Academy PTA

75 Lincrest Elementary PTA

76 Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School PTA

77 Maria Montessori Charter Academy PTA

78 Mariemont Elementary PTA

79 Martin Luther King, Jr. K-8 School PTA

80 Mather Heights Elementary School PTA

81 Matsuyama Elementary PTA


83 Mission Avenue Open Elementary PTA

84 Natomas Middle PTSA

85 Natomas Park PTA

86 Navigator Elementary PTA

87 New Joseph Bonnheim PTA

88 North Davis Elementary PTA

89 Northridge Elementary PTA

90 Northside Elementary Dream Team PTA

91 O.W. Erlewine Elementary PTA

92 Oak Hill Elementary PTA

93 Olive Grove PTSA

94 Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. High PTA

95 Ottomon Way Elementary PTA

96 Pacific Elementary PTA

97 Paso Verde School PTA

98 Patwin Elementary PTA

99 Peter Burnett Elementary PTA

100 Peter J. Shields Elementary PTA

101 Pioneer Elementary School PTA

102 Pioneer High School PTA

103 Plainfield Elementary PTA

104 Pleasant Grove Elementary PTA

105 Pony Express Elementary PTA

106 Quail Glen Elementary PTA

107 Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High PTA

108 Ramon S. Tafoya PTA

109 Rancho Cordova Elementary PTA

110 Regency Park Elementary School PTA

111 Rhoda Maxwell Elementary PTA

112 Ridgepoint Elementary PTA

113 Riles PTA

114 Rio Americano High School PTSA

115 River Oaks Elementary PTA

116 Riverview S.T.E.M. Academy PTA

117 Rosemont High PTSA

118 Russell Ranch Elementary PTA

119 Sacramento New Technology High PTSA

120 School of Engineering & Sciences PTSA

121 Sequoia Elementary PTA

122 Sierra House PTA

123 Sierra Oaks Elementary PTA

124 Sierra View Elementary PTA

125 Silva Valley Elementary PTA

126 Silverado Middle School PTA

127 South Tahoe Middle School PTA

128 Spanish Immersion Parents & Teachers PTA

129 Sutter Middle School PTA

130 Sutterville Elementary PTA

131 T.L. Whitehead Elementary PTA

132 Tahoe Elementary PTA

133 Tahoe Valley PTA

134 Theodore Judah Elementary PTA

135 Thomas Edison PTA

136 Thomas Kelly Elementary PTA

137 Tierra Buena Elementary PTA

138 Trajan Elementary PTA

139 Twin Lakes Elementary School PTA

140 Two Rivers Elementary PTA

141 W.E. Mitchell Middle School PTSA

142 Walnut Grove PTA

143 Westmore Oaks Elementary PTSA

144 Westside PTA

145 Willett Elementary PTA

146 William Brooks Elementary PTA

147 William Land Elementary PTA

148 Williamson Elementary PTA

149 Winters Combined PTA

150 Witter Ranch Elementary PTA

151 Woodlake Elementary PTA

152 Woodland Prairie Elementary PTA

153 Woodridge PTA

154 Yuba Feather Elementary PTA

155 Yuba Gardens Intermediate PTA

156 Zamora Elementary PTA

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